Bonsai Faery Soapworks started quite by accident. In 2004, I had been making soap as a hobby for some time, giving it away as gifts to friends and family. This was a necessity, as there was so much soap, I couldn’t possibly use it all in my own household. When these same friends and family returned, saying how much they liked the soap, and would like more, even be happy to pay for it, a choice had to be made. read on…

I started my research in 1999. I was young, enthusiastic, and newly disoriented with an acquired set of sensitivities and allergies. A growing number of soaps, shampoos, and other body products, as well as chemical allergies from a career in hairdressing were taking their toll on me. I started looking for alternatives. With a keen interest in herbalism for many years, it was no surprise when my research took me to aromatherapy and the senses, and that’s where the idea for the Bonsai Faery Soapworks came from.

Entranced by the creative nature of the skills I was learning through my research, I delved even further. Natural ingredients and traditional techniques interested me. It was apparent that this was becoming a lifetime interest. Soapmaking especially intrigued me, as it still does. It’s the one thing that I relish because of the creativity, the experimentation, the results.

It’s now 2014, and I am happy to announce that after a much required sabbatical to focus on family, I am bringing back the soap magic full force! I am excited to offer you my best creative efforts with Bonsai Faery Soap products. Try my delightful sensory experiences in the form of natural handmade soap, bath soaks and bombs, massage balms and more. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled…!

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