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ocean mist bar soap

Ocean Mist Bar Soap

This bar soap has a fresh crisp scent that I just can’t get enough of! That, with it’s subtle green color and …

rosemary mint bar soap

Rosemary Mint Bar Soap

Crisp. Refreshing. Moisturizing. This classic herbal blend compliments the splash of natural green color in this bar soap. Handmade with a natural …

lavender lovers bar soap

Lavender Lovers Bar Soap

Lavender Lovers bar soap is made with a moisturizing combination of vegetable oils and shea butter. A soothing blend of essential oils …

pumpkin oatmeal bar soap

Pumpkin Oatmeal Bar Soap

The great thing about my pumpkin oatmeal soap is that there are no added essential oils for more sensitive folks. It gets …